EmpowerHER ADHD Coaching, Workshops and Mentoring

Have you recently realised you are (potentially) ADHD and struggling with managing your life, working this all out and how to move forward with your life? If so, you are the right place.

I work as a supportive Coach and Mentor for women with late diagnosis ADHD, going through the diagnosis process, or just thinking they might be ADHD.

(Did you know you can get up to 16 coaching sessions funded through the 'Access to Work' Scheme? Learn more in the link at the end).

So, a warm welcome to you BEAUTIFUL angel…

And YES you ARE Beautiful, you may just not be feeling that way, due to (untrue) negative thoughts, beliefs and a busy mind. 

Experiencing low self esteem and confidence is very common in women and girls with ADHD, and one of the core areas I am determined to help my clients to shift.

Did you know that underneath all the struggles you have right now, you have SO MUCH potential, and ADHDers are super talented, creative, and successful people. 

The key to blossoming in your true potential comes from self love and acceptance, managing the negative challenges, and focusing on your beautiful strengths.

So brilliant angel, however you are feeling today, I want you know that positive change is ahead. 

I provide a confidential, non-judgmental, supportive coaching space, to enable you to BE YOU, just as you are, to learn to LOVE YOU, just as you are, and to learn how to feel calm, confident and in control, in both your personal life and your career.

Get started with a 50 minute confidential, complimentary coffee session with me. In the session I can learn more about you and the key areas that are holding you back, and I will share with you more about me and how I can help you.

We are all so individual, and in our first session we would identify which are the most important areas that you would like to see change in, whether in your personal life or career. Our programme would be designed to support your personal needs and desires. Here are some of the key areas we may focus on.