with Lindsay Rocke


We all want to be in the world as our true selves, without having to hide certain parts of ourselves. Imagine how it would feel to be 100% yourself, and accepted totally for who you are?

Authentic Living means to be just that – to be our whole selves in the world, and with this, to choose to do things in life that are true to who we are: our true values, desires and needs.

In life, we often adapt ourselves and our personalities to ‘fit in‘ with different environments and groups of people. We wear ‘social masks’ that cover up the true us, because we believe we are not good enough as we are, or what we say may not be accepted.

We judge parts of us as ‘bad’, not up to scratch, and we hide them from the world. We act, instead, in the way that we feel we ‘should’ and perhaps just show only those parts of us that we believe are ‘good’, so that people like us and accept us more. We can, in a way, bend ourselves out of shape of who we truly are! This is pretty uncomfortable, and many of us are in fact living our lives in this way, usually unconsciously.

We also make decisions around what to do with our life because we feel it is what we ‘should’ be doing. There are often influences or pressures from others; our parents, partners, friends or bosses, that have directed our decisions and actions in life, that may be what they, the others, feel is the right thing, but is it truly the right thing for you?

What would it look like for you to be living an authentic life?…

When you are living authentically, what you do for work, your relationships and your lifestyle are all a reflection of your true values, desires, and who you are at your core.

When we can do this, and live a life that is true to us, we experience an unbounded sense of inner wellbeing.

Through Beautiful Inner Living programmes my intention is to support and guide you to gain self-understanding and take steps to live a life that is true to yourself.

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