with Lindsay Rocke


Our beliefs about happiness are created and influenced by our environment: largely modern-day culture and media. From a young age we receive messages that to be happy we need to look a certain way, wear certain brands, be a certain weight, have a certain job. And with that we have stepped onto an endless treadmill…

We have our intentions set on a certain thing, that we feel we need to fulfil our lives… we get that, and then, depending on what it is, the feeling wears off after a week, a month, sometimes an hour! and then we are looking for ‘the next thing’ to fill the happiness hole, and it can be an endless pursuit.

This is not saying that it’s not good to have to have these things in our lives, but rather that our happiness is not ‘dependant’ on them. 

No matter how beautiful things are looking on the outside, if we are not feeling happy on the inside, we can’t truly appreciate these things we have in our life, in the way we would like to.

Finding happiness from the inside out, through Beautiful Inner Living, is where we can grow a deeper experience of more long lasting, grounded happiness, and enjoy a beautiful life on the inside and out.