4 Pillars of Beautiful Inner Living

with Lindsay Rocke


Connected Living is about feeling ‘Connected’ to and a sense of ‘Belonging’ in the world.

From the days when we were cave men, we had a need to be connected to others; we lived in groups, in a community and we looked out for each other. If we were alone we would get eaten by the wolf. It was a ‘survival need’ to be in a group.

These days we can survive by ourselves; we can be self-sufficient, live alone, not know our neighbour, let alone the others in the street or village. We can occupy ourselves with hours of Netflix and not leave the house. However, that need to be connected and belong, is still there. It is in neuro-biologically hard wired in us as a need.

We all have this need to feel connection, however so many people are experiencing disconnection these days. When we look at modern technology we sometimes think we are very connected to others…or have we increased our ‘number’ of connections yet decreased our ‘depth’ of connection?

A coffee or a phone call is replaced with a WhatsApp message, a birthday card replaced with a Facebook post.  We send each other voice messages instead of sitting around and drinking tea together. We have more fleeting surface communications, which don’t fulfil this need.

We crave connection on a deeper level than 500 Facebook friends. We want connection that is ‘real’, ‘true’, ‘meaningful’

True connection is enabled through showing up as our true selves, or we just connect on a superficial, surface level, which doesn’t give us that sense of fulfilment and inner well-being. So this pillar links closely with ‘Authentic Living’.

Through Beautiful Inner Living programmes my intention is to guide you to enable you to connect with yourself, and therefore connect with the world around you on a deeper level, and see the benefits that this brings to your life and inner well-being. 


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