If you were at the end of your life, and were to look back to see that you had lived a life that was TRUE TO YOU,  a life where you FELT ALIVE, that had MEANING, how would you feel about the life you have lived?

We all have a Purpose and a passion inside of us, the thing that lights us up! That makes us feel alive!…that strengthens us and makes us naturally feel good. We all innately have this, however so many people have disconnected from this fundamental innate need; it’s been covered up over the years, and we can’t even see it or imagine it for ourselves!

Finding your Purpose is about connecting with your true self, what really makes you feel happy and alive, and how you can benefit other’s lives with your skills and gifts.

From my extensive experience in coaching people to discover and connect with their Life Purpose, I have created a new 4-6 week programme, where I work with you one-to-one, to help you understand more about who you are, what is truly important to you and what is your gift/skill that you have to share with the world.

Knowing and aligning your life with your Purpose allows you to step into a more fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful experience of life.


The programme outline follows below, and is tailored to you. I offer a complementary 30 minute call to discuss the programme further and understand your needs.

The programme provides a structured framework in the form of interesting and engaging exercises, which will bring out the creativity and resourcefulness in you, and help you to manage any inner obstacles that are present (procrastination, self confidence, fear of failure).

~ A deep dive into learning about the true you, and your needs

~ What are your passions? What makes you truly feel alive, motivated, joyful?

~ Get clarity on your true strengths: this specifically looks at what are the strengths that actually strengthen you, that you actually enjoy doing! Strengths that drain us do not serve us.

~ What are your values?: the things that are most important to you about how you live your life.

~ What roles you are naturally good at? Are you a connector, inspirer, helper, leader, nurturer, motivator, guide?

~ Combining the processes to get clarity on your purpose, your true nature, the thing that you were born to do, and that will lead you to a meaningful and fulfilling life.

~ We will also create an Empowering Morning Routine, that specifically works for you, that will keep you focused and motivated every day.

This is an uplifting, inspiring and empowering programme.


Within the programme are 6 x Coaching Sessions, which are every 1-2 weeks and last approximately 1 hour. In between sessions there will be engaging self coaching exercises that I will brief you on at the end of each session.  

Sessions are all done via video, using an easy to use video platform called Zoom, which can be recorded (audio only) for you to listen back to, if desired. 

Across the programme, you will have on-going support by email to keep you moving forward if any questions or challenges arise.


Coaching sessions require an open mind, a willingness to take risks, accountability, and a sincere commitment to implementing the actions agreed. The more keen and ready you are to change your life and live your purpose, the more you will get out of the programme.

Investing in coaching is your first step in taking charge of your future. It is important to remember that ultimately the responsibility for making decisions remains with you. 

The coach is there as a guide, to facilitate the process using proven coaching exercises and techniques, to keep you on track, motivated and inspired, and help you overcome any inner obstacles.


Get in touch for a 30 minute introduction call where we talk about your specific situation, and you will discover what finding your purpose and embarking on this programme could do for you personally.

If you are interested in taking your Purpose into your career take a look at the CAREER CHANGE FOR PURPOSE AND PASSION PROGRAMME.