Lindsay helped me to access my highest self to get the guidance I needed. The sessions leave me feeling really positive and in control of my destiny. I feel confident and excited that I am now taking the right steps to my future.
Becky Porter, United Kingdom
Having worked in several capacities and places in the world, Lindsay brings a wealth of understanding and empathy, especially around struggles related to big career and life changes. I highly recommend her.
Alexandra Shaw, US
Lindsay’s skilful and gentle guidance helped me to refocus and gain clarity about my passion and purpose. She intuitively understands how to gently question, seek answers and nurture, all at the same time.
Debbie Mckenna, UK
Lindsay has shown me how to believe in and trust myself once again. She taught me I am beautiful inside and that I can have a good life. She gave me acceptance and a place to shine with delicate kindness.
Racheli Reid, UK
Lindsay’s beautifully gentle nature instantly turns every session into a peaceful, safe space. Thanks to her subtle, poignant guidance, I was able to find myself unearthing long searched for answers.
Anna Gasiorek, Germany
Lindsay has been my coach for over 12 months. She is so talented. I have overcome many challenges during this time. I really do believe (with Lindsay by my side) I can achieve all my dreams and goals.
Mandy Laing, UK
Lindsay has a gentle and intuitive approach to coaching. She has coached me through deep seated issues and has offered her All in helping me to be free from those issues. Her genuine caring spirit makes one feel safe and inspired.
Kylie Ekman, Sweden
Lindsay is a gentle soul who combines well-developed coaching skills with a beautiful blend of people sense, love and compassion for the ups and downs of the human 'condition'.
Charmaine Smith, South Africa
Lindsay is a skillful coach but the real difference is that she has genuine empathy and the ability to get to the heart of the person she is with. She has very special gift, and I will be forever grateful to her.
Vicky Courage, UK
I am forever grateful to Lindsay for assisting me to overcome this communication block which was stifling me. Now I naturally expressing myself with confidence and passion - living my life to the fullest.
Farah Manjoo, South Africa

Your Personal Coaching Experience

As a Certified Life Coach , I work online with clients in the UK, and across the globe, via zoom video. 

I support you to move away from fear and self doubt (a ‘Fear’ mindset) and towards feeling centred and confident to move forward with authentic decisions (a ‘Trust/Faith’ mindset). 

My Optimum Wellbeing programme supports your overall mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing; learning and creating habits for optimum wellbeing, feeding with 8 human needs.  This alone increase your levels of happiness and inner wellbeing.

We start by having a complementary discovery call, by Zoom, where you can learn more about working with me, and I can learn more about your personal situation, and how I can help.

We would then look to schedule a powerful 90 minute introduction Coaching session, so you can experience coaching before investing in a programme, ensuring that you are in full confidence stepping into a coaching programme.

Life Coaching can fast track you to:

1/ Connect with who you truly are; get clarity on your true values in life, your Life Purpose, and what makes you feel alive and happy in life.

2/ Gain an understanding of your mind, and how to move away from the negative, self limiting thinking that is holding you back in life.

3/Understand how to live in your wellbeing and pure potential – accessing natural confidence, calm, & positivity, and living from your most powerful self.

4/ Learn new healthy wellbeing choices and habits, that create a naturally positive mindset, and will serve you for life. 

5/ Create an action plan for living a life that is true to you, that will make you happy and feed your soul, focusing in on one important life area – this may be in your personal life or your career/business.

My Mission

To support you to connect with your inner wellbeing and pure potential; to make choices that are truly going to make you happy, and thrive in life.

Your Personal Growth

The Life Coaching experience is a rewarding journey that accelerates your personal growth, and helps you to step in to you full potential in life.


Innerlifeskills Master Life Coach, ICF accredited certification. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Transformative Therapy Processes Practitioner: The Journey.


If you’d like to work with me one-to-one,  get in touch, to arrange your free 30 minute discovery call.