Create a Life of Meaning & True Fulfilment

New 6 Week Group Coaching Experience
Online Group Coaching to create a Career and Life with Purpose, Passion and True Fulfilment - 6 Places only - Get in touch for upcoming dates

Is this you?

✅  You want to gain clarity on your true direction in life.

✅ You’re in a job/career/role that doesn’t make you truly happy or fulfilled.

✅ You feel there is something more meaningful you are meant to be doing with your life.

✅ You are ready to take action and commit to exploring new opportunities.

✅ You want to make the best out of your life, and would like some inspiring guidance.

If this is you, I would love to help you.

I have designed a Group Coaching opportunity that coaches you through my signature ‘Career Change for Passion & Purpose’ coaching programme – empowering you to create a life and career of meaning and true fulfilment, whilst sharing positive mindset, wellbeing and habit coaching work.

Katie Minshall, UK

I worked with Lindsay after wanting to dig deeper into my life purpose. My experience with Lindsay was amazing; she helped me really step back and reassess my values and life goals. I found the sessions invaluable and will continue to use Lindsay’s services from now on to support my career journey.

Hayley Roberts, UK

Lindsay is such a wonderful, kind and inspiring coach whom I would recommend to anyone. After feeling a bit lost in life I completed an 8 session course with Lindsay and I can’t explain how much it has helped and benefited me. I feel so much more positive and happy in my life and have such a clear direction on what I want and where I want to be.

Valerie de Liede Kerke, Sweden

Lindsay was motivational in getting me to evaluate my career and take positive steps forward. The outcome of my sessions with Lindsay got me a new job in a new country, which is exactly what I wanted. Lindsay’s enthusiasm, energy positive attitude and targeted questions enabled me to envision and strive for what I wanted which got me results!

I have designed this empowering, integrated programme to include the best teachings, coaching and self exploration exercises, all into one powerful new course. My intention is to share a meaningful and fun journey, with a group of like-minded individuals, who want to create a life/career of passion, purpose and true fulfilment.

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There are 6 Places only.

Alex Shaw, US

Having worked in several capacities and places in the world, Lindsay brings a wealth of understanding and empathy, especially around struggles related to big career and life changes. I highly recommend her.

Tina Royale, UK

Working with Lindsay has helped not only to shift some of the things holding me back personally and professionally, but to smash through them. I would definitely recommend working with Lindsay to take your life and business to the next level (particularly if you’re a female entrepreneur like me). Lovely person, and fantastic coach.

Debbie McKenna, UK

Lindsay's skilful guidance helped me to refocus and gain clarity about my passion and purpose. She intuitively understands how to gently question, seek answers and nurture. I felt reassured and empowered through every step of my coaching. I now feel back on track; I'm confident to pursue my aspirations to write, and I have a positive mindset towards that goal. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to explore, find and live to their truest potential!