Too often we are focused only on one area of our life/needs, usually the one we feel is the ‘problem’ area. We neglect other important needs, which when addressed enable us to handle the problem area in a more powerful way.

When we feel flat, negative, doubtful or hopeless, there is often a clear reason: we are starved from a basic human need.

The Optimum Wellbeing programme allows the opportunity to reflect holistically on 8 key life elements/ human needs each week, on your coaching programme.

This has been designed to build awareness of any sources of imbalance in your life, increase positive mindset and healthy wellbeing habits, and intentionally create conditions for optimal health, creative energy and fulfilment each week.

The format of the Optimum Wellbeing programme is a self awareness and action planning online journal. The online journal provides a weekly opportunity to reflect on how you are feeding your 8 basic human needs. Planning small steps to feed these needs and create new healthy habits increases how you feel in your life, without reaching any specific goal.  As your Coach I read and reflect weekly on your journal, adding coaching questions, comments and sharing resources.

This programme works well along side the main signature programmes, and boosts the whole coaching experience.