with Lindsay Rocke


Whilst living in Cape Town, I spent time in a challenged township, mostly made up of shacks for housing. What I was surprised to discover here was that people seemed to be experiencing more of this ‘authentic, true, inner’ happiness, despite their very challenging environment on the outside. Learn more about this community and valuable insights.

Training to be a professional Life Coach in 2014, my journey took me even further into understanding people; where we tend to get stuck, and how we can move forward to live more fulfilling, happier lives.

In Conclusion: What I have found is that as human beings we are all very similar! The same stuff holds us back, we get stuck in the same patterns of thinking, and underneath all of our different expressions and identities we all have the same fundamental psychological human needs.

If we take time to understand and fulfil these needs, needs we have often forgotten about, we step forward at a completely different level of experiencing life. 

‘Beautiful Inner Living’ was created to share a way of living and being that brings us this deeper fulfilment and authentic happiness.  We are all learning and growing every day; let us share, learn and grow together. I invite you to explore the 4 Pillars of Beautiful Inner Living with an open mind and curiosity, to spark inspiration and insight…