Create a thriving workplace through Mental Fitness and Wellbeing

Wellbeing forms the essential BASIS for achieving success, in every aspect of our lives; whether this is nurturing relationships, excelling in our careers, pursuing our dreams, or simply ‘being happy’.

Within the workplace, prioritising employee wellbeing fosters growth, flexibility, productivity, creativity, and stronger relationships. It forms a fundamental pillar for the success of your business/organisation.

As a Wellbeing and Mental Fitness Facilitator, my passion is collaborating with organisations to offer an engaging programme to pro-actively support mental well-being at work, through captivating coaching workshops, engaging talks, and bespoke content.

Enhancing your mental well-being includes recognising and utilising your unique strengths and abilities, managing negative thoughts, confronting your inner critic, and developing positive relationships.  

Getting mentally fit supports you to experience a sense of fulfilment, determination, and positivity, leading to improved overall health, enhanced work performance, and a harmonious work-life equilibrium.

Mental Fitness Workshops

Mental Fitness Coaching workshop are designed to enhance and improve individual’s mental well-being and resilience. They provide participants with tools, strategies, and guidance to develop and maintain their mental fitness. 

The workshops typically combines coaching principles, psychological techniques, and self-reflection exercises to support personal growth and mental wellbeing.

Each workshop actively involves participants before the workshop, and inspires them to take accountable action afterward. Monthly wellbeing tips around each area will be shared via a monthly wellbeing newsletter and captivating visual posters at prominent locations on site.

My Mission

To support individuals and organisations to get mentally fit, and live in their optimum wellbeing.


Collaborations running coaching workshops with Storyhouse, Chester, and AIRBUS Aviation - UK and Global.


Innerlifeskills Master Life Coach Neurolinguistic Programming Coach Mental Health First Aider & ASIST Trained (Suicide Intervention)

*Monthly Mental Fitness Topics


CULTIVATE A POSITIVE MINDSET: Unleash the power of positivity 

BUILD RESILIENCE: Thrive in the face of stress

EMBRACE THE PRESENT: Living life in the moment

MOOD MASTERY: Understanding and boosting your emotional wellbeing

UNLOCK INNER CONFIDENCE: For personal & professional success 

SET EMPOWERING GOALS: Setting life and business goals that Inspire

MAKE POWERFUL DECISIONS: Uncovering and aligning with your Values

*Monthly topic focus would be determined by the needs of the organisation, identified with the organisation, through an employee wellbeing survey.

Additional Benefits

While businesses should invest in mental health and wellbeing for reasons beyond the impact on their bottom line, investing in mental health has significant financial benefits for businesses. 

According to Deloitte’s UK survey, for every £1 invested in mental health initiatives, businesses can expect an average return of £5. This return on investment increases to nearly £11 when preventive measures and awareness are prioritized. This demonstrates the substantial value that mental health initiatives can bring to organisations.

Together, we can unlock the potential of wellbeing and empower individuals to thrive in all aspects of their lives. 

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